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12 Lime MEZZALUNA ZEBRATA - 100/180 con righello e logo

12 Lime MEZZALUNA ZEBRATA - 100/180 con righello e logo
12 Lime MEZZALUNA ZEBRATA - 100/180 con righello e logo
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12 Lime MEZZALUNA ZEBRATA - 100/180 con righello e logo


Using high quality files is essential for your profession.
From the preparation of the natural nail to the modeling of the gel, using excellent quality and highly manufactured files are essential characteristics for providing excellent customer service.
The combination of geometric shape, paper abrasiveness (grit), flexibility of the internal foam and a romantic lilac soul, are the properties that distinguish our files from other mass-produced files.
The files of the DN-Mezzaluna bianca and DN-Mezzaluna zebrata line are characterized by the presence of a ruler designed for both right-handed and left-handed women.

The presence of the ruler facilitates the nail technician in measuring the length of the nails and the filing parameters.

Each file is hand finished using synthetic and natural diamond grains and silicone carbide.
The manufacturing of each file is clearly visible from the irregularity of the core which is sometimes more marked and others more jagged.
Grinding is therefore a manual and not a mechanical operation.
We have patented an internal core of the file (foam) thicker than others so as to ensure greater flexibility of the file during its use and greater "impact amortization" of the file on the nail.
The abrasiveness of the file (grit 80, 100, 180, etc. etc ) represents the number of grains mixed per inch.
Thus the degree of abrasiveness of the file is higher for lower grits, and vice versa.
Medium abrasiveness, for example, is represented by 100/180 files. It is recommended to use the 180 side for preparing the natural nail. While the 100 side to model the gel on the nail.


• Zebra crescent file
• High quality Japanese abrasive paper
• Lasts 4 times longer than normal files
• Amagama of Alumina
• Grit 100/100
• Length 180cm
• Width 18.5mm
• Foam thickness 8
• Lilac soul 1.8
• Front logo
• Regular bevelled edges
• Washable and sterilizable (washable file)

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