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Absolut White Gel HD

Absolut White Gel HD
Absolut White Gel HD
Absolut White Gel HD
Absolut White Gel HD
Absolut White Gel HD
Absolut White Gel HD
Absolut White Gel HD
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Absolut White Gel HD


Absolut HD white gel is a white gel manufacturer of professional line of BSN gel builders, created for those who need to stretch the free edge directly with a manufacturer white gel.

Its maximum functionality you have in achieving perfect french with the "wall technique."

Absolut white HD gel has a medium / high density and self-leveling. Among the builders gel also this gel, it does not develop heat in the lamp and polymerizes both in UV, in 4 minutes, which led, 90 seconds.

It does not yellow during polymerization and used to stretch directly the free edge, perfectly keeps stapling to make a correct Curca C.

Remember that this is a very pigmented gel builder and needs a complete polymerization.

In the technique of french interlocking, better known as "the wall", you have to follow certain steps for its proper use to suggest below:

  • Include nail form under the natural nail precedetemente prepared and shortened, rebuild the free edge with one of the constructors gel, such as HD Jelly effect or Thick clear.
  • Lengthens the nail bed with camouflage cover HD Space Beauty Nails, tone more suited to your complexion, cures, degrease and file the "wall" to create a perfect smile line.
  • The space formed between the nail bed and the free edge, fill it with white Absolut HD gel using a cat's tongue brush the professional line of BSN signed brushes.
  • For a complete polymerization wait 4 minutes UV lamp or CCFL lamp for 120 seconds. Pay attention to flip the finger to provide increased gel polymerization also in the lower part

The Builder HD white gel gel, you file with ease and you risk that the white gel french is on.

The product is also suitable to be used for decorations in 3D and can be embellished with horn powder, sequins, stones and rhinestones in our line.

Recommended curing times:

  • UV lamp: 4 minutes
  • CCFL lamp: 90 seconds
  • LED lamp: 90 seconds
  • BaseLed Lamp All-in: 90 seconds


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