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Builder Gel Miracle Skin UV Gel - 15ml

Builder Gel Miracle Skin UV Gel - 15ml
Builder Gel Miracle Skin UV Gel - 15ml
Builder Gel Miracle Skin UV Gel - 15ml
Builder Gel Miracle Skin UV Gel - 15ml
Builder Gel Miracle Skin UV Gel - 15ml
Builder Gel Miracle Skin UV Gel - 15ml
Builder Gel Miracle Skin UV Gel - 15ml
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Builder Gel Miracle Skin UV Gel - 15ml

Miracle Skin UV Gel - 15 ml modeling camouflage builder

It's the builder gel that will speed up your salon jobs. Its strengths are: natural coloring, medium density, self-leveling, shaping and easy filing.

Miracle Skin works easily because it is self-leveling and gives a very natural coloring, covering nail imperfections, refill marks and discolorations.

Ensures excellent adhesion and strength even for slim structures.

The UV Gel Miracle Skin is a self-leveling medium-density gel with a pink skin color that you can use on many embodiments.

Soft in texture and resistant to yield, it can be used in reconstruction, covering and refilling.

Its density and consistency allows it to be worked by experienced hands and passionate people. Being a builder needs basic, such as Base-Pro or Biotin Base Gel.

In medium to short stretch stretches, flexibility and flexibility will allow you to create a durable and pinch-free edge. For the same characteristics, this gel is used to make ultra-slim structures that do not require much product.

When stretching, we recommend taking the right amount of product to work on the map easily. For this purpose, stretch out a base coat and after curing, work the Miracle Skin in the elongation from the salon, paying attention to distributing the product well along the nail poles or valleys. Pinch the product to get a correct curve C after about 45 seconds in the Base-Led lamp.

It is covered and refilled from the best of it as it allows you to cover the natural nail with few movements of the brush, giving the nail a natural and strong appearance. It took an excessive amount of product to allow complete polymerization of the material (use the product in multiple steps if necessary). Being a pigmented gel, the multifaceted cover ensures correct and complete penetration of photo-hardening light.

Refilling time allows you to quickly cover the signs of regrowth to create, for example, a fast french salon.

Miracle Skin is easy to brush because it is very soft and it is a pink gel to get a natural result, you can match it with the Glossy Milky or Milky Pink finish so that it softens the color and obtains a natural finish.

We recommend curing the 48L diode BaseLed lamp using the Soft function to reduce any heat sensation.

Recommended curing times

  • UV lamp 180 seconds
  • CCFL lamp 90 + 30 seconds
  • BaseLed 90 lamp (with soft function 99 seconds)

Made in Germany

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