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Monophase Gel HD Jelly Effect 15ml BSN Professional

Monophase Gel HD Jelly Effect 15ml BSN Professional
Monophase Gel HD Jelly Effect 15ml BSN Professional
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Monophase Gel HD Jelly Effect 15ml BSN Professional



The HD Jelly Effect clear monofilament gel, transparent, BeautySpace Nails is the ideal solution for free stretching and sheath stretching phases.

It is a high density single-phase gel that greatly facilitates the natural nail reconstruction phases even in onicopathy cases.

It is not a self-leveling gel but you have to have some manual to stretch it to the best.

We guarantee a super adhesion of the product and an exceptional stapling in the pinching phase.

Although belonging to the category of mono-phasic gels, its particular formulation Jelly makes it unique in its genre. Crisp and transparent has an extreme duration; It does not burn and is totally Made in Germany.

Among the monofasical gels, the HD Jelly Effect clear, transparent, is the one that lends itself more to the intensive use of the salon work since, with the right handiness, you can stretch all 4 nails together.

The high density and the components inside make it ideal for stretches and covers, ensuring a great yield, whether it is used by both professional and novice technicians.

It does not develop heat in the lamp and thanks to its density it does not go absolutely to the edges of the nail.

Always keep the products in a dry place and out of light and heat sources, ensuring product yield and consistency.

In the case of reconstructions with a nail form, after applying the preparators and drafting the professional gel base or the HD Jelly single-strand gel, correctly insert the map and place the mono-fascia gel gel - HD Jelly Effect clear, transparent, between l Natural nail and nail shape and proceed with elongation.

It is important to apply the right amount of product depending on the length to be rebuilt to support the stress points, located at the sides of the natural nail when combined with gel stretching.

If it is necessary, after about 40 seconds in UV lamp, you can pinch the elongation to get a proper "curve C".

Then complete the polymerization and proceed to the shaping of the modeling gel to create the baking.

The "C-curve" allows to snap the frontal punches of which the nail is subjected daily, while the blade serves to dampen the surface bumps.

In the case of cover or refill, it is recommended to work the product with a pyramid or flat brush to better accompany the gel during the molding phase.

Beauty Space Nails's 50 ml high viscosity, clear, transparent HD Jelly Effect gel is a high quality professional product, manufactured only with the best components, guaranteed by Made in Germany.


Recommended curing times:

  • UV lamp - 120 seconds;
  • CCF lamp - 90 seconds;
  • BaseLed All-in Lamp - 60 Seconds;
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    (Depending on the amount you may need, a longer polymerization time may be required).


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