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GE 05 - Soak Off UV Gel Polish

GE 05 - Soak Off UV Gel Polish
GE 05 - Soak Off UV Gel Polish
GE 05 - Soak Off UV Gel Polish
GE 05 - Soak Off UV Gel Polish
GE 05 - Soak Off UV Gel Polish
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GE 05 - Soak Off UV Gel Polish

GE 05 - Soak Off gel UV and LED

Lots of classic colors and high quality white several effect: metallized, pearl and glittery. They dry on of UV lamps and LED lamps. Soak Off colored gel can be used both in the soak off system and in the gel system using them as a color gel. Beauty Space nails soak off easily spreads through the convenient brush in each 15 ml flask. Use theme allows to decorate your nails making them very natural, halving the time of laying a normal polish, allowing you to have perfect nails for a few weeks. Using more colors you can make decorations, nail art and french, with the ability to easily remove the product.

Practical advice


After doing a thorough manicure by pushing the cuticles well and dampening the natural nail with a 100/180 grain file, dust with dust or brush the dust generated by removing the filing residues.

Use the matched adhesion promoters such as: nail prep set and acid primers, or the nail prep kit and ultrabond acid free. Choose the first set of normal nail promoters, fat, without any particular issues. Choose the second acid free set, in the case of hard, flat, dirty or delicate nails. The nail prep dries into the air in 30 seconds. The primer releases a glossy sticky layer.

Lay a soak off base by choosing from the wide range of bases in our store such as the Perfect Base soak off, which is a base that is easily removed with the soak off remover. Or even the Base Coat with low viscosity low also removable with remover, the ever-loved semi-permanent Easy Off is also removable. After laying the Base for easy, cure in UV lamp for 120 seconds or 60 seconds in CCFL or BaseLed All-In.

Choose your favorite semipermanent gel, shake the vial well to mix the pigments of the product. Without touching the cuticles, apply the application as an enamel by spreading a thin layer of product, passing several times to obtain a homogeneous layer, the product is self-leveling. If applied well it can only be one pass to get a perfect cover. Cure in UV lamp for 120 seconds or in CCFL lamp 60 seconds, or 30 seconds in BaseLed All-in. After spreading the semi-permanent color gel, switch to the application of the classic Top Coat, or one of the new Tops designed to keep the glossy top for a long time such as the Twin Coat dispersion recommended for a full 4 minute UV curing , 90 seconds in CCFL and 60 in BaseLed-All-in lamp, or top without dispersion, ie they do not need to be degreased after curing, such as Quick Top soak off.

On Removal:

Method with Soak Off Immersion Remover: We recommend that you remove, sanding the surface with a buffer or 100/180 grain file, fill a Soccoff Remover Liquid Tray and immerse your fingers for 5/8 minutes with your fingers Always immersed in the remover liquid help with an orange stick by gently pushing the cover that should rise and fold easily, wash and soap hands and after dry proceed to a short massage with moisturizing or nutritious cream.

Method with aluminum wraps: Before removing the surface, we recommend smoothing the surface with a buffer or a 100/180 grain file to remove the superficial layer of the product and then use our soak off nail wraps, ie the special sponges in Aluminum soaked with Soak off Remover, the laying times vary depending on the amount of semipermanent color you have laid and depending on the base used. Between 5 and 8 minutes, we ensure a complete removal that you can speed up by helping with the flat part of an orange stick that you will use to better push the base of the semi-permanent gel.

Recommended curing times:

  • UV lamp 120 seconds
  • CCFL lamp 90 seconds
  • BaseLed Lamp All-in 60 Seconds

Made in Germany

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