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Make up Rosa Pelle - Gel Uv Camouflage - 15 ml

Make up Rosa Pelle - Gel Uv Camouflage - 15 ml
Make up Rosa Pelle - Gel Uv Camouflage - 15 ml
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Make up Rosa Pelle - Gel Uv Camouflage - 15 ml
Make up Rosa Pelle - Gel Uv Camouflage - 15 ml
Make up Rosa Pelle - Gel Uv Camouflage - 15 ml
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Make up - Gel Uv Camouflage - 15 ml

The uv camouflage gels perform the make up function on the natural nail.

Using the uv camouflage gel you will uniform the appearance and color of the natural nail, especially if it has irregularities of color or spots. To hide small imperfections or discolouration of the nail it is sufficient to apply two layers of uv camouflage gel and then proceed with the application of a transparent modeling UV gel.

Or vice versa, after creating a structure with transparent modeling gel, you can apply the camouflage make-up perfectly. In this way you will obtain a nail with a healthy and harmonious look. You can also achieve a total coverage of the natural nail by proceeding with the drafting of the uv camouflage gel in the crowning phase.

In this case you can draw the white or colored French directly on the nail. The uv camouflage gel is a real cover make-up for the nails being pigmented and opaque.

To sweeten a French wall you can apply the uv camouflage gel on the french wall, thus obtaining an optical extension of the very natural nail bed.

The colors are varied and ensure excellent color rendering: skin pink, blush, dark and rose.

Distinguishing features:

- Main function: cover make up, camouflage, covers and refill

- Color: pink leather

- Opaque: yes

- Requires a base: yes (basic pro, basic biotin or base fiber)

- Staple: light

- Viscosity: medium

- Self-leveling: yes

- Flexibility: 2 of 3

- Type of nails: normal or with discoloration

- Thixotropic: no

- Acid Free

- Heat in the lamp: 1 of 3

- Format: 15ml

- Compatible with the whole line BSN Professional, New Evolution and PolyAcrylGel

Recommended curing times

- Classic lamp 2 minutes

- UV / LED lamp (diodes) 90 seconds


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