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Nail art painting Gel in jar 5ml

Nail art painting Gel in jar 5ml
Nail art painting Gel in jar 5ml
Nail art painting Gel in jar 5ml
Nail art painting Gel in jar 5ml
Nail art painting Gel in jar 5ml
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Nail art painting Gel in jar 5ml

New Paint Gel 5ml

A collection of 20 fantastic paint colors, super pigmented and ultra brilliant to decorate your nails.

Ideal for making Nail Art decorations, they should also be laid out as monochrome.

Thanks to their consistency they can be laid in one pass.

They do not dripping and they do not retreat, the intent pigmentation makes it possible to make fine and subtle decorations and designs

Using the various techniques of Nail Art such as Zhostovo, Acquagel, One Move and Sweet Bloom.

These gels release a dispersion layer that facilitates watercolors and watercolor effects, in fact it allows to overlay the colors, creating endless combinations.

In the Acquagel technique the colors can be mixed with top or cleaner to obtain the ideal consistency.

In the Zhostovo technique the presence of the dispersion layer allows to combine two or more colors between them to obtain different gradations of the same color.

You can create your own color palette and save it because the non-acrylic Gel Paint does not dry out in the air.

For example, to obtain the different gradations of purple, put 4 drops of purple color on your palette, close to each other and starting from the purple purple color, add the white purple goats to the other, first in small amounts until the white total.

By doing this you will have realized your palette of colors by gradation, from pure purple to purple to white.

In OneMove, that is to decorate with a movement using the twisted brush, you can create flowers and details without having to wait for the color to dry out, as with the use of acrylic, in fact, once a "movement" Polymerizes the detail (to stop the color) and proceed with nail art.

In the Sweet Bloom technique, you realize the detail of the decor with the Black Paint Gel, polymerize and then fill the spaces with your favorite colors, then seal with Top Coat or Seal Gel.

Paint gels are as good as a single-color gel, thanks to their high coverage and density, they can be thin, without squeezing and without creating thick.

They will be sealed as any color gel.

The brushes we recommend are:

  • One move
  • Zhostovo
  • Shadows and nuances
  • Scalloping combs degrades
  • Zero long and Zero short
  • Paintbrush with tank

Recommended curing times:

  • UV lamp 120 seconds;
  • CCFL lamp 36 watts 90 seconds;
  • BaseLed All-in Lamp 30/60 Seconds;

Made in Europe

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