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Acrylic Lyquid Monomer Normal Dry 100ml

Acrylic Lyquid Monomer Normal Dry 100ml
Acrylic Lyquid Monomer Normal Dry 100ml
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Acrylic Lyquid Monomer Normal Dry 100ml



Our monomer and formulation is optimized to work with our polymer acrylic powder systems.

It is an EMA monomer developed with hybrid molecules mixed to work perfectly with our acrylic powders,

formulated to provide moderate adhesion speed, creates a strong bond with the natural nail,

it does not require the use of corrosive acid primers, it maintains maximum flexibility.

The technologies used allow it to be used even with the most sensitive customers.

Available in blue color. Developed to illuminate acrylic powders, thanks to the presence of optical enhancers,

has a unique monomer technology, which allows exceptional workability for perfect application and extreme durability.

This product is ideal for novice and advanced technicians and is suitable for warmer climates.

Our high quality extra fine powder creates a perfect mix with its monomer liquid.

Our new acrylic powder is formulated with cutting-edge technologies in the field of acrylic powders.

Ensures a thin and bubble-free application, thanks to the cross link technology that

allows a long-lasting and resistant reconstruction,

it is self-leveling for a perfect application resulting in a perfectly smooth surface

which reduces filing times,

the formulation with whitening polymers eliminates any risk of color change during processing with the liquid monomer.

100ml pack.

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