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Olio Cuticole Black Opium 15 ml

Olio Cuticole Black Opium 15 ml
Olio Cuticole Black Opium 15 ml
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Olio Cuticole Black Opium 15 ml

Cuticle Care Oil 15ml

Cuticle oil has the ability to nourish and moisturize the skin around the nails and the cuticle circumference. At the same time it ensures softness and shine both to natural nail and to skin. For a perfect manicure, just use little product by massaging some drops over your natural nail. Repeat the application for a few evenings if necessary.

During nail reconstruction or semipermanent treatments, cuticle oil allows to repair the cuticles treated during reconstruction phases.

In addition, cuticle oil is an excellent natural degreaser of the dispersant layer created by the top sealants. Just apply a few drops of oil on a pad and rub it over the top sealant dispersion. Finally, dry a dry pad for greater gloss of the surface. (Rub it until you hear the typical rubbing rubbing noise on freshly washed dishes).


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