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Roll Pads Lint Free 100pcs

Roll Pads Lint Free 100pcs
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Roll Pads Lint Free 100pcs
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Roll Pads Lint Free 100pcs


Pads for reconstructing nails without cotton residue

The revolution of the classic pressed cotton pad is the Pads Lint Free, the pad that does not release fluff from our nails.

Combed with white elasticated cotton fibers, the Lint Free Pads are great for eliminating enamel residues, filing powder, degreasing the nail, removing the gel dispersion layer, removing the gel, cleaning the brushes ect .. all Without the pad releasing lint-free deposits, nails or brushes.

The package is 100 pcs and every single pad, although wet will not flake and will not crumble and it is almost impossible to tear because it is very elastic.

You will greatly reduce the number of pads you will use during your work, as you will be able to reuse the Pad Lint Free by causing the various phases of the treatment.

They also ensure optimal cleaning of the instruments that need to be inserted into the sterilizer.

Pads Lint Free - without scrap 100pz

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