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Set 2 Prodotti - Primer e Bonder Bsn Professional - 10 ml

Set 2 Prodotti - Primer e Bonder Bsn Professional - 10 ml
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Set 2 Prodotti - Primer e Bonder Bsn Professional - 10 ml
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PRIMER Bsn professional - Adhesion promoter with acids - 10 ml

Primer Bsn Professional is the professional line affiliate promoter.

It contains methacrylates that allow exceptional adhesion of the gel, creating a higher adhesion layer. It dries into the air in 120 seconds and the presence of acids is recommended in treating difficult nails, wiping the natural nail surface considerably.

The Bonder Bsn of the Professional line is an adhesion agent free of methacrylic acids and is suitable for normal nails and all cases of major allergies.

The Bonder is a product that dries into the air in 30 seconds generating a glossy and double-sided adhesive layer. This particular feature makes this Bonder very effective in the preparation of natural nail and greatly increases adhesion to the base gel.


Prepare the nail with a 100/180 grain file, dust excess dust, degrease the nail with a pad and cleaner, apply Primer Bsn Professional and wait for 2 minutes to dry out.

Subsequently, the Bonder Bsn Professional is drafted, which will have to dry for 30 seconds, creating a double-sided layer. Use the brush to pick up the right amount of product and if you have overdone the excess of Bonder on a sheet of absorbent paper. He then goes to the base gel.

NOTE On PRIMER 10 ml :

In winter, the liquid contained in the package may crystallize due to the rigid temperatures. Before opening it we recommend shaking the flask to make sure the contents are still liquid and non-crystallized. In the latter case, do not open the package (because the brush would remain in the bowl) and heat it with your hands or near a heat source to dissolve it. Then proceed to normal use.

Made in Germany

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