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Sun Blocker - Enamel uv protect 15ml

Sun Blocker - Enamel uv protect 15ml
Sun Blocker - Enamel uv protect 15ml
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Sun Blocker - Anti Aging Yellow 15ml

Anti-Sunburn Sun Blocker, also known as Violet Effect for its chromatic effects in environments such as nightclubs or nightclubs, is a treatment dedicated to the sunscreen of the nails of hands and feet that helps to protect its nails during sun exposure. Whether exposure to UV rays is given by solar lamps or sunshine on the beach, it is always advisable to protect your nails with anti-fog enamel to provide adequate protection that will prevent yellowing of the nail polish.

The precious formula of this Sun Blocker allows a high nail protection while avoiding yellowing of the nail even as a base coat before drafting a traditional enamel rather than lying on its own and thus obtaining a transparent shiny effect on the 'nail.

Sun Blocker is a special formula able to absorb UV rays and so does, besides protecting the nail to give rise to a Transparent / Violet Color Effect if exposed to the rays on the Discotheque, guaranteeing A striking optical effect, when exposed to the nails, is exposed to the light produced by neon lamps (Viola-Nere) often used in a disco, the enamel tends to violet light on fabrics and white coloring objects. Apply on Natural Nail or Rebuilt as a Traditional Enamel and let it dry in the air. Good Solar Protection and Good Violet Effect ..

If you like to look fashion and Effect with your friends in Disco !!!

It is to be noted that the Sun Blocker not exposed to ultraviolet rays is completely transparent and does not involve any color variations, except when exposed to UV rays or lamps in the disco described above

Size: 15 ml flask with integrated brush.

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