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Gel Monofasico Thick Violet 3 in 1 - violaceo alta densità - 50 g

Gel Monofasico Thick Violet 3 in 1 - violaceo alta densità - 50 g
Gel Monofasico Thick Violet 3 in 1 - violaceo alta densità - 50 g
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Gel Monofasico Thick Violet 3 in 1 - violaceo alta densità - 50 g
Gel Monofasico Thick Violet 3 in 1 - violaceo alta densità - 50 g
Gel Monofasico Thick Violet 3 in 1 - violaceo alta densità - 50 g
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The Thick Violet Single-Color Gel, BeautySpace Nails is the ideal solution for free stretch stretching, covering and refill phases.

It is a monofasical gel that works easily even though it is high density because it molds on the nail with few brush movements.

It serves as base, covering gel and elongation gel and its formulation guarantees extreme strength and durability; It does not burn and is totally Made in Germany.

Among the single-phased gels, the 50 g Thick Violet, is the one that is most suitable for the intensive use of salon work since, with the right handiness, you can also cover 4 nails together.

The high viscosity and the components inside make it ideal for stretches and covers, ensuring a great yield, whether it is used by professional oncotechnicians as well as beginners.

It is slightly violet in color, since it contains anti-yellow particles and sunblock, after polymerization the gel remains ludic and transparent and does not develop particular warmth in the lamp being acid-free. In any case, the heat generated by the gel remains subjective and changes from person to person.

In the case of reconstructions with a nail form, after the preparation of the preparators and the preparation of the professional base gel or the single-phase gel, insert the chart correctly and place the Thick Violet single-phase gel ball between the nail and the nail form And proceed with elongation.

It is important to apply the right amount of product depending on the length to be rebuilt for stress relief at the sides of the natural nail when it is combined with gel stretching.

If it is necessary, after about 40 seconds in UV lamp, you can pinch the elongation to get a proper "curve C". Subsequently complete lapolization and proceed to drafting the builder gel - modeling to permeate the casting.

The "C-curve" allows to snap the frontal punches of which the nail is subjected daily, while the blade serves to dampen the surface bumps.

The Thick Violet modeling gel, suitable for use in reconstruction with tip.

In the case of the Tip application, the preparation of the 50 grams of thick violet violet should be done with greater attention.

After preparing the natural nail, apply the tip with the glue and keep the preparator.

Stretch the base in the natural nail zone, use the same monofasic as the base and position the gel ball between the tip and the natural nail, paying attention to recreating a proper bite. It is important to pay attention to this phase as the bombing is not only created for aesthetic reasons, but is crucial for the duration of reconstruction and for the integrity of the natural nail.

The 50% high viscosity Thick Violet gel, Beauty Space Nails, is a professional high quality product, manufactured only with the best components, guaranteed by Made in Germany.

Recommended curing times:

  • UV lamp 120 secondii;
  • CCF lamp 90 seconds;
  • Baseled All-in Lamp 90 Seconds;

(Depending on the amount you may need, a longer polymerization time may be required)


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