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Twin Coat 2in1 Base - Top 12 ml

New Twin Coat 2in1 Base - Top 12 ml
New Twin Coat 2in1 Base - Top 12 ml
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New Twin Coat 2in1 Base - Top 12 ml
New Twin Coat 2in1 Base - Top 12 ml
Twin Coat 2in1 Base - Top 12 ml
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Twin Coat 2in1 Base - Top 12 ml

BASE AND TOP 2 in 1 12 ml

The Twin Coat 2in1 is a soak off gel with double base and top function. One of the best products that our company has been providing on-the-counter for its salon jobs for years. Exceptional durability and extreme gloss, are the features that distinguish our product from many others on the market. Unique in its kind, it is one of the best-selling, the best known and most praised in the world of nails. It is a universal product and is suitable for use as a base for semipermanent, as well as semi-permanent sealant and gel or acrylic work.

The Twin Coat is also a sealing gel for both semi-permanent and gel-acrylic work. This revolutionary 2in1 system, base & top, will allow you to speed up your work and use a single product with exceptional results.

It does not need double sealing because it is elastic and low viscosity, it has an exclusive formulation to withstand shocks and scratches. It is formulated to emphasize the colors on which it is laid, without altering the actual shades and gradations of the semi-permanent color gels or colors. Releases a dispersion layer you will need to remove after curing it in the lamp.

Extra-brilliant when used as a finish for your gel or semi-permanent work, we guarantee a brilliant and professional result up to the next refill. Just because of its strength and elasticity properties, its viscosity allows you to cover all nails at one time without spilling.

Use tips

  • Semi-permanent system: after preparing the natural nail, with a file and with the preparers, put the Twin Coat as a base and cure it for 120 seconds in UV or 90 seconds in CCFL or 60 seconds in LEDs. Dampen the dispersing layer and give the semi-permanent color that you like. Seal your color or decorations with Twin Coat and cure for 4 minutes in UV lamp, 90 seconds in CCFL lamp or 60 seconds in Led lamp. Wait at least 3 minutes for the product to cool and rinse with a pad padded with little oil for cuticles.
  • Gel or Acrylic System: Prepare your nail as usual, put a gel base, rebuild your nail with a single-gel gel or a builder gel, put on the color gel you prefer or make a decoration. Seal with Twin Coat for 4 minutes with UV lamp, 90 seconds in CCFL lamp or 60 seconds in Led lamp. Again, we advise you to wait at least 4 minutes for the sealant to cool down and rinse with a pad padded with little cuticle oil.
  • Removal

    • Semi-permanent system: When used as sealing top, the Twin Coat is a durable semi-permanent gelling gel and to keep these features and to facilitate its removal, it is recommended to wrap the sealed surface. When used as a base for the same characteristics of resistance and natural nail adhesion, it is advisable to completely remove it with a 100/180 grain file.
    • Gel or acrylic system: The Twin Coat should be removed with the aid of a file or electric cutter (abrasive cylinders or carbide tips).

    Quality made in Germany and acid free, without added acids.

    Recommended curing times

    - UV lamp 120 seconds or 4 minutes for an extra-brilliant result

    - CCFL lamp 90 seconds

    - BaseLed All-in Lamp 90 Seconds


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