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Bonder Bsn Professional 10 ml

Bonder Bsn Professional 10 ml
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Bonder Bsn Professional 10 ml
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Bonder Bsn Professional 10 ml

BONDER Bsn Professional without acids

The Bonder Bsn of the Professional line is an adhesion agent free of methacrylic acids and is suitable for normal nails and all cases of major allergies.

The Bonder is a product that dries into the air in 30 seconds generating a glossy and double-sided adhesive layer. This particular feature makes this Bonder very effective in the preparation of natural nail and greatly increases adhesion to the base gel.


Prepare the natural nail with 100/180 file, dust and degrease with pad and cleaner. Spread Primer Bsn Professional and dry 2 minutes. Then spread the Bolder and let it dry in the air for 30 seconds. The next step is the preparation of the base gel. Combined use of Primer and Bonder is the right combination for particularly difficult nails and to ensure lasting adhesion to refill.

Made in Germany

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