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157 - Mojito - Master Color

157 - Mojito - Master Color
157 - Mojito - Master Color
157 - Mojito - Master Color
157 - Mojito - Master Color
157 - Mojito - Master Color
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157 - Mojito - Master Color

MASTER COLOR - "Deco Painting Gel" Professional Line of Colored Gels - 5ml

The "Deco Painting Gel" line is a collection of uv / LED color gels with bright and brilliant colors with which you can create decorations and nail art.

The pigments they contain make them very suitable for writing, which is why they lend themselves to being used both for one-move decorations and for covering the entire nail with a single application.

The collection includes 17 "Deco" color gels in spring / summer shades.

Cheerful and sparkling colors, with the right density and stable over time. You can use them alone or mix them together to create the shades you want.

They are suitable for different micro-painting techniques such as one move / flat and Zhostovo.

They do not create thickness and release dispersion.

In general, the "Master Color" professional color gel line has all the qualities that a colored gel for nail reconstruction must guarantee as:

- ideal coverage and right density

- very writing trait thanks to extra-fine pigments

- brilliance and shine

- color stability over time

- full and full-bodied colors

- without acids

- release the adhesion layer

The brand new collection of "Master Color" color gels includes many UV and LED gels with intense, full and full-bodied colors.

Nail gel for professional use that guarantees an ideal coverage even with a thin layer thanks to their high pigmentation.

Their formulation allows you to create a glossy effect volumizing texture without creating thickness.

The color remains unchanged, it does not fade, it does not peel and it does not rip.

The specific density of the product makes the volume inside it unalterable, avoiding the unpleasant exudation of the colored gel.

Recommended polymerization times:

- Classic UV lamp: 120 seconds

- Led-Diode lamp: 60 seconds

Made in Germany

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